Recently, I upgraded my SmartOS platform. Just a matter of writing the latest platform image to an USB stick and boot that. Wrong. SmartOS came up with pretty much all services disabled. After some digging around I saw that filesystem/

And then, all of a sudden the Dell R710 decided it needed a reboot. I still have not figured out why it happened. When I checked the rack, the R710 lcd display informed me that it was rebooting. The noise

In my neverending challenge to organise the immense photo archive we have amassed over the year, I ran into Koken quite a while ago. Even though I quite like the program, the fact that you need to import every single

Backup is something of a holy grail for me. There is so much that needs a backup strategy, and no single tool that does it all.. Photos, videos, laptops, servers. All from various devices spread over the house. I'm using

Sometimes, everything goes wrong all at the same time. My (ageing - 7 years old Macbook Pro) decided to stop running Crashplan. So I reboot it, after which the coresymbolicationd process started eating diskspace like crazy. Something to do with

I spend a fair amount of time searching the web for infrastructure and DevOps related tools. A great list of DevOps tools is available at A more general list of self hosted software is available on reddit.

My Solaris messages log suddenly is full of errors.. Seems like a drive is dying. At least, that is what smartd seems to be reporting: Feb 14 03:34:23 nas smartd[6909]: [ID 702911 daemon.crit] Device: /dev/rdsk/

Power outage today, and a great opportunity to see if I wired the APC correctly. Turns I made a few tiny mistakes. The SUA1500 has only four power connectors to which I attached the NAS and the DellR710. I did

The cloud provider with the best uptime for 2015? One of them would be Joyent, thank you very much. Interesting article from Networkworld, showing downtimes of the big 4.

In a few days, my Ebay order will arrive and that will usher in a new era of professionalisation of my home datacenter. Damn, that sounds good. Seriously though, I have decided to take the step and migrate from a

Quite annoying: when I restart an LX zone, SSH is not running by default. Something to figure out I guess. Maybe this is fixed in more recent platform images, I am still on joyent_20150625T055522Z...

After creating an LX zone, I notice that resolvconf contains a few DNS servers I did not tell it to create, namely the Google servers (at and and a Joyent one at