Getting ready to migrate to SDC / Triton

In a few days, my Ebay order will arrive and that will usher in a new era of professionalisation of my home datacenter.

Damn, that sounds good. Seriously though, I have decided to take the step and migrate from a single SmartOS install to a SDC / Triton install. To make this possible I've ordered a 24gb, dual quad core L5630 Xeon HP SE326m1 from Bargainhardware. It's a G6 server that is basically a cheap DL180. It will serve as the headnode.

Why the SE326M1? Well, it offers the best value for money. It has low power Xeon CPUs and has lower power consumption than a "normal" DL180. There are various versions available, primarily SFF (small form factor) or LFF (large form factor) based. The SFF version offers 24 2.5" drivebays, and is quite a bit cheaper than the 3.5" version, which offers 12 drivebays. Most of the auctions you find on Ebay do not have the caddies/bezels/blinds included. Those can set you back as much as 14e a piece (if you buy them separately), which would add quite a bit to the base price of 180 euro's for the chassis, dual L5630's and 24Gb of memory. For now though, I can live with the fact that the chassis is empty apart from 2 300Gb SAS drives.

To be continued...