Sometimes, everything goes wrong all at the same time.

My (ageing - 7 years old Macbook Pro) decided to stop running Crashplan. So I reboot it, after which the coresymbolicationd process started eating diskspace like crazy. Something to do with caches, and even though du says my Caches dir is 4.5gb, a ls -lah does not show a file that big. With the help of Grandperspective I am able to find the file though, and reclaim about 70Gb in the process - never knew that the iMovie library grows that big.

I am not able to mount webdav folders anymore in El Capitan, which I notice when I try to mount the Alfresco webdav dir. Logging onto the Alfresco VM I run into one of the more obscure memory leaks - after it has been running for a while, usually a few months, it starts creating log files of 117mb each, after which the disk space runs out. Which leads to hilarious errors, such as "cannot shutdown" when I try to reboot.

After I get reboot working, Alfresco gives me its stacktrace diarrhea. I always find it's easier to guess what the problem is than trying to make sense of Java error logs. Turns out I never configured this LX zone properly, which means it defaults to predefined DNS values after a reboot - and does not recognise the dns name of my percona server. Because I am tired and frustrated, I just delete entries from /etc/resolv.conf and add the proper dns. Something I will regret on the next reboot because I probably will have forgotten how I "fixed" it last time...